If You Agree

by Paris Reidhead

Will you turn please to Matthew eighteen. This will be the portion from which we shall think this morning, and while you are turning may I recommend; very heartily, that you read carefully the last addition of the Alliance Witness. Especially the editorial by Dr. Tozer on maturity, and the sermon by Dr. Simpson. This, was a manuscript found some months ago, and now is available for you and I would urge you to read it. Both of these are in line, and in keeping with the ministry of this morning.

The same portion was before us, last Lord's day. It was approached however, from an expository position rather than this morning; more of a textual relationship. I'm reading from, verses nineteen and twenty; just these two verses.

19. "And again I say unto you, that if two of you shall agree." It's that portion I wish you to see, "…if two of you agree on earth as touching anything that they shall ask, it shall done for them of my Father which is in heaven. 20. For where two or three are gathered together in my name, there am I in the midst of them."

We've pointed out in the past that our Lord in this book of Matthew is describing in detail the new thing that He is going to do; namely His church. In the beatitudes He describes the kind of people that shall be in it. In the portion of scripture we read in Matthew sixteen. The foundation upon which it shall be built (Namely that He is the Christ, and thus reigning sovereign) and in the later part of that portion where He said: "If any man come up after me, let him take up his cross". It is to be built up people that have an experiential union with Christ; in His death, burial, and resurrection. Now, in this portion you will notice that they are to be an agreed people, and they are to be at least two or three.

I submit to you first, that the location of the church geographically has ceased to be of the importance by the time Our Lord speaks. It is in John the fourth chapter, that our Lord speaks to the woman by the well, and utters some of the most profound truths that He had to say. You will recall she began the conversation, by saying, "Our fathers say we ought to worship in this mountain, but you Jews say we ought to worship in Jerusalem". Our Lords reply to that was this, "It is not the place where you worship, that is of here to four, of great importance. That is, whether it is in this mountain, or in Jerusalem". Up until this time it has been, for God has been related to the temple in Jerusalem, and not to the mount of idolatry in Samaria; but something is happening, something is taking place. Our Lord is doing a new thing, and in this new thing, the primary aspect will not be geographic, but attitudinal. The importance is not going to be; the place as much as it is, the attitude of the people that meet there. The grounds of the church in the Old Testament, was the tabernacle in the wilderness, and then, the temple in Jerusalem. This was the place where people meet with God, but now our Lord is saying, that the ground of the; the meeting of the church, or the place where the church meets is not territorial. It's not soil primarily, (Obviously they'll have to meet standing somewhere on the soil) but this is not the significant factor any longer. It's not where they meet, but how they meet. Anywhere, any number; two or three, if they are meeting together in my name, and the key here is in my name.

We frequently think that all this means, is a little appendage to a prayer, in Jesus name, or as sort of a little "halo" that we put over our actions and say, "Well I'm doing it in the name of the Lord, or I'm doing it for the sake of the Lord" but it's far more than that. If, two or three are meet in the Lords name, means: first of all that they are meet by His call. He's called them together. He's drawn them together. He's brought them together. In His, for His own purpose; they've heard His call, and they followed you.

Now what, is the call of the Lord, that draws His people together? I've heard people say, "I had a call to Africa, or to India". Before going to the mission field, the issue had to be settled; someone asked me, the mission society said, "Do you have a call to the mission field?" I had to face the matter through, and I went before them saying, "No. I do not have a call to the mission field. There is only one call that I recognize in the scripture, and that I've had. The call is to follow Christ, to submit to the sovereignty of Christ, to live in obedience to Christ, to walk constantly with one purpose; and that is to glorify Christ, but I have not had a call to Africa. I believe that God is clearly, unmistaken ably leading me to Africa, but I allow the possibility that in His sovereign purpose, He may lead me out of Africa; into some other ministry, and my call is to follow Christ! Not to a geographical area, not to a place". Well, I've tried to impress this upon young people in the past. That, the call, that Christ gives is uniform to everyone to whom it comes. Come Follow Me! Come unto me all ye that labor and are heavy laden, take my yoke upon you. The call is to yoke yourselves to the sovereign will and purpose of Christ. Now, therefore His people are people that have heard His call, it's been a call from something, to something. It's been a call from self will, from ruling ones own life, from living to please ones self to gratify ones self. Living under the government and direction of ones own whim and fancy, to an entirely new government; no longer I but thy, not my will but thy will be done.

This is the call, it is a call to turn of thy ones back upon ones past, and commit ones self to Christ as the governor of the future. So, His people I called people, they've been called by Him, but they have been called to Him. This is a call to Christ, not a call to a church, not a call to a doctrine, not a call to a ceremony or a ritual. It is a call to a person. "Come unto me all ye that labor and are heavy laden, and I will give you rest" tragically today, there are those that are trusting in the plan of salvation for rest. They've learned the truths concerning the birth, the life, the death, the resurrection of Christ; and they've learned that men who believe in these truths are saved. So, they have responded to the call of truth, and they have come to truth, and they have received truth. They have intellectually consented to truth, but they've stop there. It has been a call to truth and not a call to a person. The plan of salvation does not save, it instructs one to the Savior, but salvation is in a person. He that hath the Son hath life, it didn't say he that hath the word; he that hath the Son hath life. It says, "He that hath the Son hath life".

Years ago, down south we had an experience of an invitation being given, a man coming forward, a personnel worker assigned to talk to him. He asked his name and his address, and what he came for. The man said, "To be saved" and so the personnel worker opened his Bible to that verse, "He that hath the Son hath life". He said, "Do you believe that?" the man said, "I do", and he wrote down: saved. Now, he said, "Are there any questions that I have before I give this card to the pastor?" the man said, "Yes. One question, you asked me if I believe that verse; I guess it said he that hath the Son hath life, and I said I do. Now, there's just one question, what I'd like to know is: How do you get the Son?" You see he'd made the mistake of the personnel worker, of thinking that because the man believed in the verse, he had the Son, but the man who came knew that there'd been no change in his heart, or in his life. Salvation is not in a scripture verse, it's not in a doctrine, it's not in a decision. Salvation is in a person, and so, it is a call to the person of Christ. It is a call not only, to come to Him, but it is a call that results when properly answered in His coming to them. It is Christ in you, not Christ above you, around you, beside you, before you and behind you; it is Christ in you, the hope of glory. Thus, this people that have come to Christ, that are met in His name, are a people that have been called by Him and have been called to Him, but they've not only been called by Him, and called to Him, but they have been called from something. Paul writing to the church at Thessalonica said, "You have turned to God, from idols to serve the living and the true God".

The idols that we recognize in the Old Testament, are those of Baal, Asterof, and Moloch. Baal was that, where the evil spirits numerous, for in every location there was one. The evil spirits that must be placated in order that one could be prosperous, and rather than trust god for prosperity, they were willing to sacrifice to Baal. Today the counter part to sacrificing to Baal, is to be/exercise duplicity in business, lying, cheating, stealing or otherwise misrepresenting ones product in ones service, and we find today that there are multitudes of people that are worshiping Baal in the literal twentieth century sense, of living dishonest lives; and some even who carry with them the name of Christ. They are such a person who would practice duplicity in business, would be, as were the people in Israel. Who, feared the Lord, but served Baal, and Asterof. We see, that the worship of Asterof was to satisfy the appetite for sex, and sensual indulgence. For, it was the worship of the women, and thus we find today that all of it is in the world; is the lust of the eye, things Baal worshiped, and the lust of the flesh; Asterof. Then, there was the third type of worship in the Old Testament, that of Moloch. We've pointed this out in detail in the past, so it suffices to just remind you of it. Now, Moloch was that great king, that was served, even Satan himself who when properly placated could give to the worshiper; position, and power, and influence, and authority. So, the worship of Moloch was expressly for the purpose of being promoted, in the eyes of ones fellows.

We would find today, that the counter-part is the pride of life, or to use means other than the perfect submission to the will of God; where in one could acquire ascendancy over his fellows. So, the call to Christ is a call to turning to God from idols, to renounce the right to secure by any means that which one wants, and to live within the will of God in respect to it. To renounce the right to indulgence, and to renounce the means in securing prominence in position for ones self. It is to turn from Baal, Asterof, and Moloch. The lust of the eyes, the lust of the flesh, and the pride of life to serve the Lord Jesus Christ. So, it's a call by someone, it's a call to someone, and it's a call from something, and this; to meet in His name means that one has heard the call by Christ, and the call to Christ, and the call from the world. Has, come and fallen at the feet of the Son of God, has been broken in the fall; of all of ones plans, and purposes, and wills, and intention, and rebellion, and anarchy, and has submitted to the sovereignty of Christ.

Thus, the call is answered by that response to Romans ten, nine, the most familiar of verses used in personal work I presume, "If thou shall confess with thy mouth, Jesus to be Lord". what does it mean, to confess with the mouth: Jesus to be Lord? It means, "I've heard the call by Him, and I've heard the Call to Him, and I've heard the call from the world. Now I am coming to say with my lips that I have made a transaction in my heart, and from today on, as long as I live, Jesus Christ shall be the undisputed sovereign of my life". To confess with the mouth, Jesus to be Lord, is to verbally testify to an inner transaction of sovereignty from self, to the Son of God. Thus, one can believe in the heart. Believe in the heart, you know this means to put it right in the center of ones being, and the result of this heart faith is a saving relationship with Christ. Christ comes into bring life. So, if two or three are met in my name, involves all of this that I have described. These who have met in His name, are people that have been broken, people that have been crushed, people that have been slain by the revelation of their sin, and have been healed by the nail pierced hand of the Son of God. These are the two, or the three that gather. It is not the person that has sat back and said, "Oh yes, Jesus is a figure in history. Jesus is common in theology. Jesus is center of sociology in the history, and therefore I am believing that He is the Son of God. That He lived, and that He died". An intellectual response, without any interior affect; this is not what it means, and our churches I am confident, from across this land of ours, are filled with people that are going to miss salvations, miss heaven by eighteen inches. Because, they have their salvation up here, in an intellectual comprehension, rather than down here in a spiritual experience, and the presence of the Son of God. Two or three met in my name. Then, I have had this transpired, now He has, previously said in the verse just before this, "If two of you shall agree as touching anything". Assume that they have had the same call, they've had this from which we've spoken. Now, He said, "If two of you shall agree as touching this".

May I point out to you, that it is not agreeing about something, but as touching something. I can't improve on an illustration that I've used in other groups here before. I use it again with your permission, and no ones going to deny it to me I'm sure, since I'm here and your there. But the matter is this: Here are four people that are praying for the salvation of a man. He's a father, he's a husband, he's an employer, and a prospected church member. The wife is praying for him , because he has started to live in such a way that if it continues it can only end up in a separation, she loves him but she doesn't her home ruined, and so, she's saying, "Oh God, save my husband. So, that we can have, and continue in a happy home". The little girl is praying, "Save daddy, because I don't want to be in heaven and have daddy in hell". The employee is praying, "Oh God, save Bill, because he'd be so much easier to work for if he were just a Christian, and he's so hard and cantankerous now". The pastor is praying for him saying, "My, my how we do need Bill. What a great influence he could be, and his tithe would be a great help in lifting the load". So, all four of them are agreed about the salvation, but they're not agreed as touching it.

There's no agreement as touching it. Each has a personal interest, a personal motive in this matter. There's no agreement as touching it. About the thing, yes, they all want it to happen. As touching it, no agreement whatsoever. How would they agree as touching it? When the wife can say, "Regardless of what happens to my home, I want to see him saved for the glory of Christ". When the daughter could say, "Regardless of hell, I want him to be saved for the glory of God's dear son". When the man can say, "Regardless of what my employer should be, I want him saved, that Jesus Christ shall receive the reward of His suffering". The pastor could say, "Regardless of what church he should ever go to, or what would happen. I want him saved, that our wonderful Lord Jesus shall receive that for which is His due". Now, when they are agreed as touching it, it is all to the glory of Christ. Only for His praise, only for honor, only for His glory. Now, they have a common grounds of agreement. All personal interests, and personal motives are, and have disappeared in the light of the one supreme, compelling reason; why they want this person saved.

This I believe is one reason why so many times personnel prayers fail, we know it's true. James said it, "You pray, and you ask and receive not because you ask amiss that you might heap it on your own desires". It is "purse prayer" from a personnel motive. I'm sure the Lord Jesus Christ is interested in the rug in your living room that's prayed, and you feel is a contradictory testimony when you bring the unsaved in, and He's concerned about it. But, your prayer reason for praying, "Oh Lord, please supply the means of providing a new rug" is not so that you won't be embarrassed by it, but that He'll be glorified and there won't be a hindrance when someone should come into your home. It's got everything however, mundane, menial, or personnel it may be, must inevitably be traced right back to this, the one reason and motive, for all of our meeting together. This is what our Lord Jesus said in John seventeen, three, "Glorify thou me, with the glory I had with thee before the world was". This, is the secret to answered prayer. The glory of God, in Jesus Christ, and so He says, "If two or three of you are meet together, are agreed together as touching anything". You've been called by Him, called to Him, called from the world. You've been broken in His presence, and now you're living only to the glory, and the honor, and the praise of His name. Do you begin to see something of the foundation of His church?

Now, I would point out to you the contrast of what we discover here in the twentieth century in America. I have no way of judging whether this has been true in the past, though those who lived in the past, have indicated, by what they've written that probably it was so then. But, I feel that I am speaking now, for my generation, that which, for the past twenty-four years I've been privileged to serve as a pastor, or a missionary, or in some other capacity. I think, in some little measure, you will recognize the obvious truth of what I'm saying. Today we have churches of two major groups. The liberal (or now the New Orthodox) and the fundamental (or the evangelical). This dichotomy, this dividing into two groups, certainly is necessary because how can people walk together, accept they be agreed. Then, we have two other groups, that divide the evangelical, or fundamental group. We have those that are primarily a Calvinist, and those that are primarily Armenian in their background, going back to theologians of history, and so we find that to some degree, these divide still a second time. But, I am now no longer interested in the two fold division (and we probably could press it, still further) I am submitting to you this morning a "five fold" division, and I would like to have you make some notation, because it will probably be of help to you in the future. We have talked now, about the church, how He's called these to Himself. We've talked about the union, what it is, this "agreeing together" that it is with an eye singled to His glory. Now, let us take for just a brief moment a look at the church as we find it in the twentieth century. I'm suggesting to you, that you will find in the church five groups. May I give them, and then I will repeat them more fully so that I do not want anything to divert you from this initial hearing.

The first group that I am mentioning, is not because of its size or its priority, but simply because of my thinking, and therefore I give it to you first. The first group, are those people that have met the forgiving Christ. They've discovered their sins by some means or another. They realize they've been caught, and they didn't know what to do about it, they were told that there were a hell and they weren't so sure so they thought they better be on the safe side so someone said except Jesus. Their primary reason for accepting Him was to be inured and immunized against Hell. They wanted to have an insurance policy, and so, their primary concern in Christ is that He fulfill what they accepted Him for. They were so grateful when they learned that Jesus Christ had died for them, that they wouldn't have to die. Well, put it in more colloquial terms. They were so happy when they learned that Jesus had taken the wrap for them, (if I may express it that way). They were so happy that He died, they have mistaken their pleasure at the fact that He suffered for them as being the witness of the Spirit, but their whole concern about Christ is that they should be protected from suffering and from punishment. They've only met the forgiving Christ, and they've never gone beyond that. When they want to see someone saved, actually what they want is to see someone else come to the place that if they die they won't go to Hell. When they speak of revival what they mean is to have their hearts feel the same joy that they felt when they first came. There's an upper limit to their interest in the church and in Christianity and it all relates to them, they have met the forgiving Christ.

There's a second group, these are the people who have met the utilitarian Christ. They were in great need and they prayed, and when they prayed God answered prayer; perhaps someone else prayed, and answered prayer, and they were impressed by the fact that God was tremendously useful and handy to know. Because, they were in a dilemma, they didn't have any answer to it, prayer brought the answer, they were sick and God healed them, or they were otherwise in trouble and God brought them out. So, today they are extremely grateful, so grateful that they joined the church, submitted to baptism, learned doctrines, and tithed. But, the whole of their interest in Christianity and religion, is that they should be where God can take care of them if they are in trouble or in problem. They have met the utilitarian Christ. Today we have very popular occult! Of the utilitarian Christ. We find that it has nothing to do whatever His person as the sovereign God. Its just, "Faith in Jesus brings answers", and you will find people whose lives are seemingly just indescribably wicked. That have learned faith then they write articles and say "I'm so glad I wanted to be the queen of Hollywood and so I asked Jesus and in this utilitarian Christ, made me a success". This I say, is an occult, and it lacks every biblical evidence of being a movement in the stream of Christianity. The utilitarian Christ, it has varying degrees, the forgiving Christ, the utilitarian Christ.

Then, there's a third group of people, that have met the status giving Christ. They were born in such a way that they didn't have the privilege of belonging to the country club, they weren't very accepted in society, they felt they had gregarious impulse, and need. So, they were taken into the church they found warmth and welcome, and so because they wanted fellowship this was what they accepted. They were willing to submit to the doctrine, they willing to pray, they were willing to be baptized, they were willing to tithe. To do anything that required of them, but when they testified their testimony is, "I'm delighted to be a Christian because there's such wonderful people in the church, I'm so happy because there's just such grand people in the church. It's such a joy to be with such wonderful people and think we'll be together forever in heaven." They've equated status with the whole purpose of God, their status, satisfying their needs for social expression. Out of this group is another group, that become to some degree psychopathic and equate their own status in the group, with the Glory of God, and anything that pushes them up is to God's glory. Anything that would bypass them or diminish their influence is just the opposite. These are the one's of whom we spoke about a year ago when I gave you a quotation from 'Christianity Today's' article of November 1960. Entitled: 'crucifying the pastor'. This is the group that you'll find all over America. Just this past week, I've been with a group of fifty pastors down at summit groove. They've talked to me about some of the experiences they've had, where people who have felt that somehow they were bypassed and their status wasn't recognized, have used every nefarious wicked means it was possible to discover in order to bring grief and heartache. Rather ruin the church than to let for one little moment their own personnel status be affected. Well now, this is the third group the status giving Christ. So, we have three: "Forgiving Christ", "Utilitarian Christ", and the "Status Giving Christ".

Then there is a fourth group: this is the group of people that have met the "Emotion Satisfying Christ". Oh, they love to go to church because they enjoy the syncopation, and the rhythm, and the emotional appeal, and if they can leap or laugh, or do both at the same time or in sequence then they go away saying, "My what a wonderful meeting". That, the whole purpose of Christianity and religion is to satisfy their emotional needs primarily.

So, we have people they have all the same doctrine, they've all been baptized, they're all in the same religious organization, and when they speak of revival, those who know the forgiving Christ say, "Well, I want to have others to come to know forgiveness". Those who have met the utilitarian Christ say, "Well, I want to see others helped". Those that have met the status giving Christ say, "Well, I want to see others come into this wonderful fellowship". Those that have met the emotion satisfying Christ say, "Well, I want to feel the way I felt back then in July 6 in 1903, back at that camp meeting. Oh, then we'll have revival". But it's all below the level!

Then we have another group called, number five. These are the people who have met the Holy God, and the sovereign Christ. These are the ones who have seen God in His majesty. Have seen God in His sovereignty. Have seen God in His holiness. Have seen Christ in His glory. These are the ones whose eye's are open to God, and in the revelation of God they've seen their immense unworthiness, and their terrifying sinfulness. Obviously they've known forgiveness, for in that brokenness of heart because they've sinned against such a Holy God they cast themselves on the nail pierced hands of Christ, they are forgiven. God has obviously answered prayer, and they have certainly found status as a child of the King, and their hearts have been satisfied with joy and peace. From this we find in this fifth group, are these who have had a revelation of the Glory of Christ, and are living only for His praise. They're broken, they've committed themselves to Him, they've submitted to His sovereignty, the cross has pierced them through, and the one end of their being is that He be glorified. Now, this is His church. This is His church. The religious organization can include other groups, but His church is here! His church is on this level! He is saying, "If any man hate not his father and his mother, and his wife, and his brother and his sisters, yea and his own life also. He can't be my disciple."

The Lordship of Christ transcends all human relationships, and His one purpose is the glory of God and we've heard Christ say, "If anyone doesn't take up his cross and come follow me, he can't be my disciple. He's going with Christ out to the cross, and there he's brought his ego, and his ambition, and his vanity, and his pride, and all the things that once motivated and controlled him to the cross. That, he has no plan, and no purpose, but the glory of Christ. This is the one that's heard Christ say, "If any man dose not forsake all that he hath, he can not be my disciple." He doesn't give a seventh of his time and a tenth of his money he holds that everything is Christ's!!! ALL IS CHRIST'S. This is His church. This is His church. Said that, "If any man come after me let him deny himself and take up his cross, and come follow me".

Now, I submit to you that for fifty years in America; or longer, pastors as earnest and as sincere as the one, who would seek to be sincere standing before you, have sought to see revival in America. During these fifty years the church has become more cold, less powerful, more meaningless in society. Until today the world says the church is so weak and powerless, that it is utterly irrelevant, and has no place in such a generation as ours. This, I categorically deny, I submit to you, dear heart, the reason they lie in the fact that we have been seeking to have a revival of five groups! It can't happen!! It hasn't happened!!! And it isn't happening!!!! You wait expectantly for groups one, two, three, and four all of a sudden on some Sunday, to come broken and crushed, and hungry, and open, and yielded, and abandoned, and they don't come. I submit to you, that the pounding threat is as every whipped as dangerous as was the army outside the was of Jerusalem. I submit to you, that we can't longer go on, waiting for the indifferent, and the stubborn. The time has come when those who are of one mind and one heart must begin to meet on the grounds of the Lords meeting. How will it be? You say well start another group! This has been done we have three hundred and twelve groups in America the three hundred, and thirteenth is in the process of formation this morning. I submit to you that the three hundred and twelve have not made one wit of improvement upon the situation. I see no answer there.

What is the answer? There is it to spend all nights, seeking in prayer for the four groups to come up to the level of biblical Christianity? No, I see no answer there. I believe that the answer is going to come when we reestablish again, that grounds of fellowship is was done under John Wesley, in the class meeting. Our movement; the Christian missionary alliance began that way, we've never repudiated our genius nor abandoned our heritage. It is as much ours today as it was when seventy-eight years ago Dr. Simpson gathered together in parlors, in living rooms. W. T. Macarthur joined with him, hearts that were committed to Christ, and they spent hours in the word, hours in prayer, hours in seeking and discussing and thinking together. Until, the glory of God came down and men and women were so marvelously transformed, that whole communities were shaken for Christ. The answer! The answer is going to be under God, that a call will go out, and it isn't going out this morning it's being announced to you today so that you can think and pray about it.

ARE YOU PREPARED TO GIVE A NIGHT OF YOUR LIFE, above all the other responsibilities you have, if you can't give a night ARE YOU PREPARED TO MEET AT 5 IN THE MORNING? For 2 hours or more? ARE YOU PREPARED TO SPEND EFFORT AND ENERGY AND SACRIFICE OF YOUR TIME BECAUSE OF THE HUNGER OF YOUR HEART TO GLORIFY God? Will you submit to discipline? Will you submit to teaching? Are you prepared to follow in the way of the word and of the Lord? Do you stand on the grounds of brokenness? I believe the time will come from this pulpit such an invitation will be given, and whether it be an elder or a deacon or a Sunday school teacher they'll be asked to come and stand! Publicly declaring before all that this is the level of their commitment. Their names will be taken and they will be expected to meet at the time that they can, with a group of those who have made similar commitment to the Lord. Then it will be those who have chosen not to come have made their own choice! The question has always been how can you avoid seism? How can you avoid the vision?

If the pastor goes around and says, "I'd like to have you, and you, and you meet with me" then, he can justly be accused of having created a group within a group. But, when the invitation has been given and people come and stand there, and say, "I want to go on with GOD. I'm desperately concerned for the fullness of Christ. I'm going to meet Him at any cost. I'm going to adjust my schedule, adjust my plans. I'm willing to take a night of my life and as many hours as God requires, but I am going to find out how to live Holy for Christ". Then, I believe we have found the grounds. It isn't the grounds of a place, it isn't the grounds of a day. It's the grounds of unity in submission to the sovereignty of the Son of God, and I believe that when this happens the glory of God will come down upon hungry hearts, and there will be such revelation of His power. For it was when you had people of ONE ACCORD!!! ONE FAITH!!! ONE MIND!!!! Seven days, that Spirit God has poured upon them.

When you add another group of people, bound together by their common needs, and common commitment, and common passion to see Christ glorified, that the place was shaken. There are those who stubbornly who for years have refused to bow and break before Christ! Then, we shall commit them to the Lord! With nothing to say except that the grounds of the churches, and the grounds of absolute commitment, and absolute brokenness, and absolute submission, and such people have every privilege of meeting together, seeking to God's glory, and blessing, and to understand the word, and to move on with Him. I believe, that the, that, which will save America, is not going to be the great crusade (as important as that has been), (the great church as significant as that is), but it's going to be cell of groups of people that have been drawn by a commitment to Christ, and spread spontaneously, and move out. Beloved, we better learn how to worship alone in quiet because it may come when you are many years older that you have to. If you worship at all, and when you remember the testimony, that England was saved from the abyss into which France fell. By the development of the class meeting, perhaps the only way that God can save America, is by a return to the class meeting under a direction and control of the church and its elders. But, it will be a unit, a place where of hearts of similar commitment, can be encouraged, and encourage, and go on to know the Lord. So I ask you to take that which you heard today in the scripture that underlies it, and meditate, and think, and pray about it, and find out what level your commitment has come; as of this good morning.

Some of you, have reached the age when you don not anticipate another ten years, and the normal course of events your life will have been run. But, some of us will expect under God's held hand, to live beyond nineteen seventy-three, and we have children, and we're desperately concerned. Because, the world's on fire, and the sword is hanging over the heart of our land, and our country, and the church has been significantly innocuous, meaningless, and powerless in the face of it. It ought not to be this way brethren. The time has come when people, who love Christ, and are Holy abandon to Him. Must have that opportunity, to study the Word, and how they find out how they can live, Holy for Christ, and in the fullness of His blessing upon them. The elders of this church have been studying, for many months. Trying to understand how we can establish, place where the hearts of men, and women can find the climate, similar to the of Acts. Where, they continued steadfastly in the Apostles doctrine, and fellowship in breaking the bread, and the prayers. This announcement, to you this morning, I trust to have your prayers, your thought, your attention, and your concern, and you will ask your own heart, "Am I so committed to Christ, that I am willing to spend, and be spent. That, He might have an opportunity to reveal how glorious He is". Met God. Search your heart. Find out where your are, which one of these groups you're in, and then with all hast move into that fifth group. Where, you see a Holy God, a sovereign Lord, and you live only to His glory, and to His praise, and you're willing to look into His face, and say, "Lord, what will thou have me to do?"

Father, if our Lord Jesus looked down upon us, see us, we're here at the crossroads of the world, and the center of this great world of iniquity called New York City. We're here Lord, where there was, in yester year a bright light that shined here, and to the ends of the earth, and our hearts cry out to thee. That, thou will guild us, and instruct us with strictness, and control us, direct us in orders. In such a way, that thy perfect plan, and purpose for us individually, and corporately realized, and the Lord Jesus can receive through our blood ransomed lives all the glory, that is as due. Breath upon this people. let a new commitment, a new consecration, a new abandonment coming into their hearts, and grant Lord, that we shall see rise up in this land, from corner to corner, from border to border, a great surge of hungry hearted men, and women. That, are willing to meet with each other, and with thee. That, they might be the echo for blessing, in days like these. So, seal to our hearts, which we've heard, perhaps there's some Lord, that will want to hear again through the tapes or read what's been spoken this morning. Stir their hearts to that end. For Jesus sake, Amen.

Let us stand, for the benediction. Now, under Him, who's able to keep us from falling, and to present us before the presence of His glory, with exceeding joy. Be our Savior, glory, and honor, dominion, and praise now and forever. Amen.