By Charles G. Finney

The following text was copied from the 1878 edition of Finney's Systematic Theology.
This volume was made available to us in April 1966 by:
Dennis Carroll
Gospel Truth Ministries
P.O. Box 401
Tustin, CA 92681


Author's Preface

Lecture 1 - Moral Government

Lecture 2 - Moral Government

Lecture 3 - Moral Obligation

Lecture 4 - Foundation of Moral Obligation

Lecture 5 - Foundation of Moral Obligation

Lecture 6 - Foundation of Moral Obligation

Lecture 7 - Foundation of Moral Obligation

Lecture 8 - The Practical Tendency of the Various Theories

Lecture 9 - Unity of Moral Action

Lecture 10- Obedience Entire

Lecture 11- Obedience to the Moral Law

Lecture 12- Attributes of Love

Lecture 13- Attributes of Love

Lecture 14- Attributes of Love

Lecture 15- Attributes of Love

Lecture 16- What Constitutes Disobedience to Moral Law?

Lecture 17- Attributes of Selfishness

Lecture 18- Attributes of Selfishness

Lecture 19- Sanctions of Moral Law, Natural and Governmental

Lecture 20- Human Government

Lecture 21- Human Government

Lecture 22- Moral Depravity

Lecture 23- Moral Depravity

Lecture 24- Moral Depravity

Lecture 25- Atonement

Lecture 26- Extent of Atonement

Lecture 27- Regeneration

Lecture 28- Philosophical Theories of Regeneration

Lecture 29- Evidences of Regeneration

Lecture 30- Evidences of Regeneration

Lecture 31- Natural Ability

Lecture 32- Gracious Ability

Lecture 33- The Notion of Inability

Lecture 34- Repentance and Impenitence

Lecture 35- Faith and Unbelief

Lecture 36- Justification

Lecture 37- Sanctification

Lecture 38- Sanctification, Paul Entirely Sanctified

Lecture 39- Sanctification, Conditions of This Attainment

Lecture 40- Sanctification, Objections Answered

Lecture 41- Sanctification, Further Objections

Lecture 42- Sanctification

Lecture 43- Election

Lecture 44- Reprobation

Lecture 45- Divine Sovereignty

Lecture 46- Purposes of God

Lecture 47- Perseverance of the Saints

Lecture 48- Perseverance of the Saints Proved

Lecture 49- Perseverance Proved

Lecture 50- Perseverance of the Saints

Lecture 51- Perseverance of the Saints


Appendex A- Various Classes of Truths

Appendex B- How We Attain to the Knowledge of Certain Truths