I must have some feeling or evidence before I can believe.

You are in sin and rebellion because you will not believe. You say you cannot believe because you see all your sins and wickedness. You are waiting to get an inward experience before you believe. If you continue to wait like this, you will find yourself in hell. Do not look at your own unbelief. You must place your complete trust and confidence in God and His word. Take hold of His promises and use them to escape the corruption that is in the world through lust. Do not wait for any evidence nor any feeling. Take hold of salvation now by faith.

Please be patient, God is not finished with me yet.

This is often an excuse that a religious sinner uses while he remains in his chosen rebellious state. Somehow he seems to expect God to make him holy at some future time. His problem is he has never repented which is his present duty. God is waiting for him to repent. Yes, Christians grow in grace and mature. Even Christ grew in wisdom and grace yet was without sin. There can be no excuse for present sin or rebellion.

No one is perfect.

This is a very common excuse. Many think that sinning is a part of human nature. Remember that sin is moral in nature and it only exists out of free choice. There is nothing sinful about man's physical structure or makeup. How could God command mankind to be perfect if it was impossible?

Matt. 5:48 "Be ye therefore perfect, even as your Father which is in heaven is perfect."

I Peter 1:16 "Because it is written, Be ye holy; for I am holy."

That is just the way I am. I cannot help it.

This excuse is just another way of saying I am unable to do anything about my crime of sin. You are fully able to obey. The real problem is, you do not want to obey. Remember that you now can come to Christ.

I have a wicked and deceitful heart.

You are the only person responsible for the condition of your heart. Your wicked and deceitful heart is the result of your own creation. God is not responsible nor is anyone else. The sinner does have a wicked heart but God commands him to change it by doing his part in submitting to Him.

I am sure there are many other excuses that a sinner may make to explain away his sin and rebellion. Repentance is impossible while a person holds on to his excuses. God can never forgive any sinner while he is justifying himself and condemning Him. God fully condemns all sin. If it is possible for a person to make a valid excuse for sin, then God is unjust and wrong. Your excuses only push you away from God. If you remain in them, you will never repent. Your salvation does not depend on your successful self-justification. Just admit your sin. Your excuses prevent your conversion. While you hold on to them repentance is impossible. When you give up excuse making and turn to God you will find the gate of mercy wide open. Will you give up all your excuses now and stop accusing God?

Admit your duty to God. If you have made any excuse, then in your mind you are not under any obligation. When you admit your responsibilities you will release your excuses.

What will you do now? Admit your duty or hunt up some new excuse? Maybe you say I will do it later. Your conversion is impossible while you delay and promise yourself that you will do it in the future. You are only resisting your present obedience. There will not be a better time than now. If you resist, you will only further harden your heart and make repentance even more difficult. God commands you to repent right and turn to Him now! Stop grieving the Holy Spirit away. You know your duty. The question is, will you do it? Will you say that you will stop all excuse making now and forever? Will you abandon all your excuses and come before the God of love as a self-condemned sinner? Will you yield all your heart and self to Him?

The true Gospel holds no compromise with any sin. God has prepared a complete and full salvation. It is ready now. Nothing is lacking to slay all your selfishness now. If your gospel does not save you from selfishness, then it is false and no gospel at all. The true gospel offers complete and total victory over all sin. If you allow room for any known sin, then you are not saved at all. If you consider yourself a Christian, but make excuses for sin, you must confess your sin and repent or be lost. There never can be a legitimate excuse for any sin.

Let us examine a list of things that a person may blame their sin on.

Other people Circumstances
Inherited sin
The devil
Human nature
Weak heart
Indwelling sin
Weak flesh
Past hurts
Bad habits
Lusts, appetites, emotions and desires
A bad self image
Low self-esteem
The old man or nature
Past crimes committed against them

There is no valid excuse for sin. If we could truly justify our sin then God could never find us guilty of committing it. Many things can influence us to sin but when it comes down to sin, we voluntarily choose it and are solely responsible for it. A sinner sins because he loves his own selfishness more than God.

This is an area of mass deception. I read an article just last week about child abuse. It stated the abuser was just a victim also that suffered from low self-esteem. This is a lie straight from the pit of hell! Even many leaders in the church are teaching that we must truly love ourselves before we can love God or others correctly. We have teachings and books on self-love, self-image and self-esteem. True Christianity is the death of self. A person must put away all selfishness. Sin is loving yourself supremely. The problem is sin, not a lack of self-esteem.

You can never blame anyone else for your present sin. It does not matter what someone did to you in the past. You alone are responsible for your own sins. Many inner healing teachers try to shift the blame to past events or circumstances. This teaching is in error and is pure psychological garbage. Another person may influence you to sin but no event nor person can make you sin.

Another problem with inner healing is those who are seeking help are given instructions to forgive the offender without any conviction for their own sin. They speak out forgiveness without repentance. The result of this is a false forgiveness and deception.

Many inner healing teachers also instruct those seeking help to visualize Jesus. This mental image is the result of human understanding and wisdom. A person who has a true vision of Jesus will be immediately convicted and humbled. The sinner who truly sees his own sin and guilt can truly forgive any one of anything. No matter what past crimes that others committed against him, he knows that his own sinfulness and crimes far exceed anything ever done to him.

A person has never repented if he places the blame for his sin on low self-esteem, some past event or crime committed against him. While a person sees the sins of others greater than his own he will never truly forgive anyone or repent.

Study questions.

1. Why do sinners sin?

2. Why do sinners make excuses for sin?

3. Do you justify or make excuses for sin? If so, how? Is it valid?

4. What will happen if you hold on to your excuses? Why?

5. When should a person repent? Why?

6. What gives a person the idea that he has something inside that makes him sin?

7. What is wrong with waiting for a feeling or evidence before you believe?

8. Do you see that your personal sin and guilt far exceed all sin that anyone else has committed against you? If not, what do you need to do?

9. Is the sinner just a helpless victim?

10. Is low self-esteem a sinner's real problem? Why?

11. Can there ever be any real justification for sin? Why?

12. Do you blame past events on present sins? If yes, what do you need to do?

13. What is wrong with the teaching that we must love ourselves before we can love God or others?

14. Is high self-esteem the answer to sin? Why?

15. Explain the difference between being influenced to sin and truly sinning.