This book claims no literary merit. The sermons are for the most part messages that I was privileged to give to groups of Christian workers in different parts, including North and South Africa and Canada. It has pleased the Lord to use them in some small measure to the deepening of the spiritual life of not a few, and in some cases to intensify the longing for revival.

It will be generally agreed that the state of the world today presents a challenge to the Christian Church. There are forces at work that are out to defy every known Christian principle. Indeed, those who have eyes to see can already detect ominous shadows aslant a world that is ripening for repentance or judgment. The Church today is living far below the norm of New Testament Christianity. Her witness is characterized by shallowness and a lowering of standards to worldly conformity, hence her ineffectiveness to deal with the appalling situation that confronts us. My prayer is that this little book may be used of God to create a hunger for the deeper things, and lead us back to the 'old paths' and away from the 'modern approach' and the 'new technique', especially in the field of evangelism. I trust that the truths propounded therein have been hammered out on the anvil of my own experience. I am happy to include as a last chapter testimonies from four converts of the Lewis revival. I would love to include many more from men and women who were born of the Spirit during that gracious period, but for the present, the following must suffice: Mrs. Hay is the wife of Dr. Hay of the China Inland Mission Overseas Missionary Fellowship, both laboring as missionaries in Thailand. Mary Morrison is a Pilgrim of the Faith Mission, at present engaged in Conference and Convention ministry in the British Isles, The Rev. William Macleod is the parish minister of the Church of Scotland in Uigen, Lewis, and Donald MacPhail is a missionary of the Church of Scotland, at present in Southern Arabia.

Duncan Campbell.